As members of Nepal’s National White Water Team with unparalleled experience training, coaching, guiding and competing around the world, our river guides, safety kayakers and specialized canyoning leaders are the most dedicated and professional in Nepal. 

Although there are few regulations in our industry – we respect the risks related to whitewater adventures and are not willing to compromise on safety. We are Nepalese owned, but our “bhauju” (the boss’s wife) is from Canada and surprisingly scared of the water! Together we see things from every angle and are proud to raise local industry standards operating trips that are both safe and fun.    

It is important to understand that adventure activities have risks. Paddle Nepal cannot guarantee 100% safety; however, with strong risk management systems and emergency preparedness training, we do everything we can to minimize the risks involved so that we can fully enjoy the thrill of whitewater adventure.

Participants are asked to accept a certain level of responsibility for their own personal safety by following instructions provided to them by our guides and being an active part of the team.  

Our efforts to minimize the risks… 

Paddle Nepal guides are highly trained and certified to international standards:

  • Rescue 3 WRT (Whitewater Rescue Technicians)
  • IRF (International Rafting Federation Raft Guides / Safety Crafts)
  • Wilderness First-Aid / CPR
  • NARA (Nepal Association of Rafting Agents Certification) 

Add these qualifications to a solid foundation of wilderness survival skills, local knowledge, leadership and excellent English communication and we are proud to have created the ultimate river guide!  

We provide high quality international CE and/or ISO certified safely equipment for all activities including the following personal outfitting for participants:




  • PFD
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Paddle Top/Jacket
  • Wetsuit
  • PFD
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Paddle Top/Jacket
  • Spray Deck
  • Air Bags
  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Specialized Harness with Slider Seat
  • Specialized PFD
  • Specialized Booties
  • Full Wetsuit
  • Karabiners
  • Figure Eights

Safety equipment is maintained according to the manufacturers’ specifications and recycled / repurposed as needed.

Back-up equipment including extra paddles, oars and repair kits are brought on every trip and guides are trained with emergency repair strategies.

Industry standard first aid kits are brought on every trip and guides are knowledgeable of contents and trained to administer first aid.

Unsatisfied with the limitation of local first aid supplies, we import extra items such as steri-strips, field bandages, burn treatments, SAM splints and CPR masks to improve our emergency preparedness.

Comprehensive safety briefings and demonstrations are provided at the start of every activity to ensure participants fully understand how to take part safely.

A high ratio of crew to participants is provided for ultimate safety and service, while also giving junior crew the opportunity to learn and gain experience. 

Safety kayakers accompany all rafting trips. 

Back-up support rafts accompany beginner learn to kayak programs.

Both office and field staff follow weather forecasts and keep aware of changes in river and canyon conditions as they develop.

Whenever possible we use our own private buses and jeeps, helping to ensure careful maintenance of vehicles and safety of drivers. Alternatively, we select only the most reputable transportation companies.

Communication between office and field staff is available 24 hours per day.  Emergency contact information including passenger details, embassies, hospitals, helicopters, police and other local authority are accessible and kept up to date. Satellite phones are available for rent upon request.  

Hygienic food preparation and strict sanitation policies are trained and enforced.