Intermediate Kayak Courses

Take your paddling to the next level

If you already have paddling experience, Nepal is a fantastic destination to improve your whitewater performance. Intermediate instruction can be custom designed depending on your ability and goals. Our expert instructors will help to transform your skills to become more confident rolling in whitewater, turning with precision, ferrying in quick currents, drawing strokes, bracing and surfing.

Intermediate paddlers are encouraged to start with our classic “kayak clinic”. Though designed for beginners, our instructors will tailor the program to your specific needs. More challenging lines will be run and more advanced techniques explored. The first day of lake instruction is optional, allowing you to start paddling on the river right away. After these first 3 to 4 days, our instructors will provide and assessment and help to design the rest of your program based on your ability, goals and timeframe.

If you re interested in taking your kayaking to the next level, send us information about your paddling experience and goals and and we will customize the perfect program for you.

Intermediate Kayak Instruction Photo Gallery

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