Good Karma Travel

Karma: “The universal principle of cause and effect. Our actions, both good and bad, come back to us in the future, helping us to learn from life’s lessons and become better people”.

By “good karma travel” we are talking about responsible travel.  

We have an immense respect for Mother Nature and believe that being a responsible tour operator means more than just picking up garbage at camp. On an outdoor adventure in Nepal, we must be accountable in many ways and have respect, not only for our environment, but for our local people and the local economy. 

Our efforts to respect Mother Nature…

  • Reduce and remove all unnecessary packaging prior to bringing supplies to the river
  • Carry out all garbage and non-compostables (Carry out the garbage left behind by others also)
  • Construct toilet tents as far away from river sources as possible, bury waste appropriately, burn toilet paper and avoid the use of chemicals
  • Use gas for cooking meals (when available)
  • Use Himalayan Bricks (sustainable fuel source – when available)
  • Treat local stream water and discourage the use of plastic water bottles

We ask participants to please think about what efforts you can make to help reduce your waste and leave no trace on the environment before joining us on the river. 

Our efforts to respect our local Nepalese People…

  • As much as logistically possible, purchase fresh organic produce, meat and eggs from local communities surrounding the rivers we run
  • Hire, intensively train and encourage Nepalese guides
  • Provide fair wages and encourage other companies within our industry to do the same
  • Provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all crew
  • Provide paid internship programs 
  • Provide subsidized training schemes with generous interest free payment plans
  • Provide subsidized equipment schemes with generous interest free payment plans
  • Provide support for cross cultural programs and international work visa assistance
  • Offer equal employment opportunity for all caste and race
  • Hire local assistance such as porters, security guards, transportation services etc.
  • Show respect, integrity and a strong work ethic and be a positive role model for all we interact with

We ask participants to try to understand our local Nepalese people and encourage acceptance and respect for our cultural difference…

Our efforts to give something back to our local community…

  • Provided immediate emergency earthquake relief after the April/May 2015 disaster, and continue to provide ongoing support to our affected river guide community
  • Created the “Still Paddling” post-earthquake scholarship program, providing 9 young earthquake affected adults with 8 week free intensive river guide training program and potential internsips
  • Have operated complimentary “non-profit” trips to local NGOs such as “Bird Conservation Nepal” to do important research on endangered species
  • Offer complimentary kayak lessons, leadership training and team building programs to local social organizations who are doing incredible work for Nepal’s underprivileged children such as “Hope for Himalayan Kids”, “Namaste Children’s Home” and “Pokhara Street Children Center”
  • Have provided several free training programs and use of equipment as well as financial assistance for the “Himalayan River Girls” – a local social program developed to inspire and encourage young Nepalese women to get involved in eco-tourism
  • Dedicate our time providing technical logistics to NARA (Nepal Association of Rafting Agents) for the annual “Himalayan White Water Challenge” – Nepal’s National Kayaking Championships
  • Have helped facilitate local community development projects by hosting international volunteer groups including the “Laburnum Boat Club” to help construct toilets and water supply to remote villages
  • Sponsor ongoing community programs such as local football teams, paragliding competitions, volleyball competitions, Himalayan triathlons, and local sport venues

If you are involved in a local project and would like our assistance in some way, please send us an email – we are always happy to help to try to make our world a better place!